The world of Pontfas was created by the elemental creatures who have the ability to create and an overwhelming desire to create. The ONE left them on the world of Pontfas many years ago.

Pontfas has gone through many changes in its long history. 7 ages have passed each one leaving a mark on this world.

The age of the elemental’s was where it all started. The ONE left the elementals on the planet to “make and multiply until I return.” That is what they did. They choice to create a large land mass surrounded by deep waters. On this mass the elementals made their first homes and beautiful gardens for their first creations – Giants. They agreed together to make the giants as they saw so much the giants could become. Each elemental’s giant had similar aspects like all other giants (large body mass, big eye, extremely strong, etc) but also unique attributes as well (some with one eye, some with two, different skin colors, love/hate for cold/hot climates, etc). It was a wonderful time but it was not to last.

Not long after the giants were created the elementals started to argue and complain about their giants. Each wanted their giants to be the most important, the smarts, the prettiest. The pride that each elemental had moved arguments, to hatred, and then to all out war with each other.

These Elemental wars were mostly between the non-metal elementals and the metal elementals. The metalloid elementals tried to stay out of the wars but both sides dragged them into the fights. They were attacked by both sides and thus none of the elementals trust each other.

The wars caused such destruction that the land itself started to break apart and once beautiful land was split into many parts. The different broken peace actually moved away from each other because of the force of the wars. The wars would often end with groups of elementals (who cannot be killed) to be banished from the world of Pantfas.

see note #1 in gm only

After many years of fighting only three elementals remained on Pontfas.

see note #2 on gm only

But the giants they created were able to multiply in the midst of all the fighting. This ended the age of the elementals and started the age of the giants. The elementals hid themselves in great caves and have never been seen since. The were to afraid of the other elementals not to be seen – even by their beloved giants. They still had a desire to create – to make everything “perfect” for their giants. So they started to make their next creations..

Each also crafted servants for their giants. Dwarfs were given the ability and desire to find resources from the ground that they could turn into items that their giants wanted or needed. Dwarfs were made in part by the elementals from one of three main types of elements (gold, bronze, and red rock) on Pontfas – thus where the names of the Dwarf clans come from. Thus there are unique histories for the dwarfs (ultimately another clan of dwarfs are created later in history to make a fourth clan – see note 3 on GM only)..

Besides all three of them creating their type of Dwarf they created Gnomes (half-lings) and Gnolls. Because of this Gnomes (half-lings) Gnolls have been moral enemies as well as Pontfas’ best historians. Through out all the ages both races survived and thrived. It has never been easy for them thou. Their very nature makes them hate each other. There have been many wars through out the ages between these two races. One of the greatest and most know Gnome/Gnoll war was fought on the large land mass of Sprontor. Where almost 2 billion Gnomes and over 3 billion Gnolls were killed in one week because the giants got involved.

The other humanoids that were created are:
- Humans made by the metal and non-metal elementals. Humans live around 50-100 years which is pretty long compared to the Gnomes and Gnolls but very short compared to the Dwarves and the Elves. They are know for great intelligence.

- Elves made by the metalloid elemental. Elves live the longest besides giants but have only one real love – solitude. They like to be left alone for long periods of time so they might study about one subject. Not as smart as humans in all things but really smart in one thing (mostly about the forest or the creatures who live in their native woods).

They each also created special great monsters with the one desire and unique ability to hunt, find, kill, and eat the other elemental giants. see gm only note #4

As the great monsters attacked the different giants they were designed to attack the giants started to die off. Whole hordes of giant camps would be destroyed until the elementals gathered their giants and hid them with themselves. This ended the age of the giants and started the age of the great monsters.

As the great monsters roamed the world they noticed the giants were become less and less to find and this weakened them. They turned on the different humanoids. They found that the humanoids were so small and hard to wipe out they lost heart to live. They tried to find their elemental creators to give them new purpose but by then the elementals were so afraid of them they never reveled themselves. With nothing to motivate them the great monsters started to die off on their own. They just stopped living and most feel into the oceans dead – see gm only note #5.

This was the end of the age of the great monsters but nothing else stepped up to represent the next age. Nothing stepped up to become the next best/powerful thing. This started what most Gnomes and Gnolls call the lost age. A lot of history of the ONE, the elementals, the giants, the great monsters, and even the origin of the humanoids was lost.

Something happen very unexpectedly many years after most of the great monsters died. The last great land monster came up with a way to dominated all the different humanoids. This domination, thou horrible; brought all the humanoids together for the first time. Humans found out about gnomes in feeding camps (where the great monster would place huge groups of humanoids at to eat later), elves meet dwarves, and event a few giants survived to meet gnolls. This gather and learning of each other thought the cruelty of the great monster made them stronger. They learned each other’s strength and used thous discoveries to first hide from the great monster, then plan for a way to destroy it, and eventually with help from the dragons destroy it.

None of this would have happen if it wasn’t for two other very important events happened.

First was the birth of a human boy named Ulrich Pontfas in a little village on the Island of Lastreno. The second was an unknown egg falling from the sky that landed near the birth village of Ulrich.

These two events lead to the finding of the egg by Ulrich. The egg was a dragon’s egg. It hatched for Ulrich who then took good care of the dragon and helped it become very powerful. Through this relationship Ulrich also became powerful and wise. When the young dragon became of age it took the name Pontfas proud scale for it was honored to be in a relationship wit Ulrich and his people.

The golden dragon who was the mother of the lost Pontfas proud scales egg returned to find it with a huge group of dragons. When they found Pontfas proud scale and Ulrich they were overjoyed and wanted to help Ulrich’s people to kill the great land monster. The battle the happen between Ulrich’s people and the dragons vrs the great land monster and his minions didn’t last very long but was very terrible and was known only as the great day of slaughter. This began the age of the kings with Ulrich Pontfas being the first and only great king. The world was given the name Pontfas because of Ulrich and the dragons great deeds. This was a wondrous age for all humanoids and the dragon friends. Every land on Pontfas was explored. Many great cities and creations of art were made. Great works of art and great works of magic was created during this time. Huge libraries were constructed by the gnomes and gnolls. Wondrous weapons and amour were constructed. It was the great time of Pontfas but it didn’t last forever. The dragons had a terrible secret, there were other dragons, evil ones and they started to arrive on Pontfas.

The good dragons who first came to Pontfas and help the great king Ulrich started to fight off the evil dragons. Yet none of them liked killing each other (even the evil dragons didn’t want to kill the good dragons). This bothered them so much that they made the choice to leave Pontfas (all dragons) so their war with each other would stop.

Three main things came from this. So many humanoids were killed or maimed so horribly that monsters of all kinds started to come from this. Kobolts, Orces, goblins, and many more such creatures started to develop. These monsters started to multiply so raptly that they started to take over all of Pontfas. Only a few islands were able to keep order and the humanoids alive on them. This caused the 2nd main thing to happen. Many wonderful places, magical items, and cities were lost to history. Only the gnomes or gnolls have any idea of where these wondrous things are. But each of the 2 race interpretation of what happen is very confusing and often misleading. Yet if there is anyone on Pontfas who might know where some hidden artifacts it would be the gnomes and/or the gnolls. They don’t like each other but they know more about the history of Pontfas than anyone else. They are a great resource and all the humanoid leaders seek them out for advise and help when it comes to history.

When the dragons left the dark age of freedom began. This freedom wasn’t a good thing but a time where anything could “go.” It seemed only warlords and witch doctors were able to keep any control over humanoids or monsters. This freedom saw little beauty or famous places left standing. Almost all of the great wondrous from the age of the kings was lost and it seemed for good. It was at this time that one of the most terrible thing in all of Pontfas history happened as well as one of the most wonderful thing happen.

The wonderful thing was a humble squire boy found a scroll written by the great king Ulrich himself. On it was his eight famous ways of life that was lost in the freedom age. These eight ways of life helped this boy organize his people and slowly rebuild the humanoid kingdoms again.

The terrible thing that happened was the massive surge of monsters through out Pontfas happened. With no real order or control the growth of all kinds of monsters was not stopped. Many of the islands became monster states. The islands of Aslintas and Bendt are completely controlled by monsters.

Pontfas is now in the age of monsters and it is almost as bad if not worse than the age of the great monsters.

Fortunately not all is lost. The finding of the scroll of Ulrich has brought a safe area on Pontfas for humanoids. The Island of Lastrano is where it all started. The young squire boy grew up to take the eight ways of life and apply it to his people. He became the 1st high king of Lastrano. From that the whole land was able to be organized thou it wasn’t perfect and many areas are still controlled by evil and unknown.

Another important historical event was when the 1st high king’s son helped the dwarves of the island of Fremdon take back part of their kingdom.

Unfortunately this would be the end of the success stories. The ways of humanoids can be the way of greed with out moral boundries.

Lastrano (the last bastion of safety and peace) is slowly being corrupted again. This is where history stops and current events begins. Where heroes are made. The three Island war, the terrible plague of Lastrano, and the return of the Kolbolts has recently and currently happen. Where the dwarves are in a clan war.

Some history of the last 10 years of the Islands of Lestreno and neighboring Islands:

10 years ago –King Lestreno III discovered an undercover conspiracy by the leaders of the Islands of Wy to take over the Island of Aslintas. With help of 4 great heroes & his special kings knights they were able to stop the take over and point out the fact that the leaders of Wy did this.

8 years ago – The leaders of the Island of Wy got some help from an unknown assassins’ team to make the leaders of Ventre and Rogort believe that the leaders of Wynt attempted an assassination on the leaders of Ventre. This started a civil war that took the King Lestreno III to intervene to stop.

7 years ago – King Lestreno III is assassinated by unknown assassins’ who were working with the Wy leadership. This caused King Lestreno IV to take over the leadership of the Island and caused the start of the 3 Island war between the Islands of Lestreno, Aslintas, & Wy.

6 years ago – a great battle is fought on the south island of Wynt of Lestreno. At this battle (called the battle of the Island Wynt) King Lestreno IV was able to kill the great Wizard of Wy who was the planner behind the death of King Lestreno III & was the cause of the unknown assassins’ team.

5 years ago – the war stops and the Island of Wy puts a new leader into power – Espretros James Hu Folsper the peace wind. Espre James starts to reorganize the Island of Wy leadership but it is a long and hard road to do.

3 years ago – A plague starts in south Lestreno (most people say it is from the Wynt Island) which kills many people in south and central Lestreno before it suddenly stops for no real reason (many people consider that an unknown alien caused it and then stopped it).

2 years ago – It is discovered that the Island of Wynt has been taken over by Kobolts lead by a large Kobolt leader named Orloerst. The Kobolts have used all that was left from the 3 Island war to create a bunch of make shift villages (if you can call them that) and it has taken over the whole Island.

1 year ago – the people of Rogort and the people of Ventre report that the Kobolts of the Island of Wynt have taken over the south sections of their Lands where the River Strance pours into the South Spreno Ocean.
(Note: One of the main reason for the Kobolts spread is their devotion to the dragons in the Forrest of Ve)